ISEDH 2019

The symposium invites papers under but is not limited to the following themes: Geospatial Health: Geospatial methods; Machine Learning; Big Data analysis; Spatial Econometrics; Mobility Analytics; Spatial analytics and spatial statistics inferences; Geospatial social network analysis; Role of ICT in addressing health issues Disaster, Emergency and Health: Health issues during disasters; Adverse impact of Climate change on health; Epidemic outbreak, Health-related interventions during disasters; Humanitarian crisis and health Environmental Degradation and Health: Air, Water, Soil Pollution and impact on health, Exposure assessment, Built environment and health; Occupational health and safety Public Health: Population health; Social determinants of health; Public Health
The Institute of Disaster Management and Vulnerability Studies (IDMVS), University of Dhaka, and the ISPRS Working Group on Environment and Health welcome you to participate at the International Symposium on Disaster, Environment and Health with the theme “Health at risk in a world of degraded environment and recurrent disasters”. Environment is one of the key elements to support people to live a healthy life. A safe environment can reduce human vulnerabilities to health risk i.e. ensuring air quality, chemical safety, better housing; reducing noise pollution, social inequalities; resource distribution, transportation, water, and sanitation, etc. It is imperative for us to