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Progress in Disaster Science focuses on integrating research and policy in disaster research, and publishes original research papers and invited viewpoint articles on disaster risk reduction; response; emergency management and recovery.

A key part of the Journal’s Publication output will see key experts invited to assess and comment on the current trends in disaster research, as well as highlight key papers. In addition, the Journal will welcome original research into new innovations and approaches, with the following emphasis:

  • Holistic perspectives on disaster research:The journal will focus on all aspects of disaster research; from pre-disaster preparedness to post disaster relief, recovery and rehabilitation;
  • Implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (SFDRR): The journal particularly welcomes papers and articles that share overviews, case studies, and challenges regarding the implementation of the SFDRR priority areas (see below). This includes Publications that monitor and evaluate the SFDRR’s ideas, tools and implementation approaches;
  • Multi-stakeholder and implementation-oriented research:The journal will publish papers focusing on different challenges and issues related to the implementation of disaster studies. Emphasis will be given to research results that are co-designed with different groups of stakeholders;
  • Demand-driven innovation and innovation-creating demand:There needs to be a balanced approach taken between “demand-driven” innovation, and “innovation-creating” demand in society. The Journal will highlight partnership-based research
  • Creating a future generation of researchers: The Journal encourages papers from young scientists and/or practitioners. This aims to facilitate multi-disciplinary higher education in disaster studies;

The key criterion is that all papers submitted should report substantial progress in the field. Prospective authors are encouraged to consider the degree to which their contributions report significant progress in the field.

2. Types of papers

We publish high-quality papers in several different sections:

A: Original Research

With a focus on highlighting progress in the field of Disaster Science, the journal welcomes original research articles, review papers and short communications on different aspects of disaster risk reduction; response; emergency management and recovery in the following subject areas:

  • Disaster response:Crisis/emergency response, disaster relief, search and rescue, response coordination, response preparedness, response plan, relief/response assistance, relief/response activities/ efforts, evacuation center, relief and NGO coordination, relief and cluster approach, shelter management, disaster health response, water sanitation in evacuation center;
  • Disaster recovery:Recovery plan, disaster rehabilitation, disaster reconstruction, build back better, recovery planning, relocation, SPHERE standard, post disaster temporary housing, disaster recovery and livelihoods, disaster recovery and health, community recovery;
  • Disaster preparedness:Emergency/response preparedness, preparedness plan, early warning, awareness raising for disasters/disaster risk reduction, disaster education, evacuation drills, disaster preparedness tools, hazard mapping, disaster risk maps;
  • Disaster risk reduction:Risk management, risk mitigation, risk prevention, community-based disaster risk reduction (CBDRM), risk assessment, vulnerability/capacity assessment, DRR policy, risk transfer, multi-hazards, building resilience, urban disaster resilience, vulnerability reduction, disaster root causes, Health-EDRM (Health Emergency and Disaster Risk Management) and disaster nursing, disaster laws and governance.

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