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In today’s increasing globalised and connected world with rapidly advancing technologies and changing weather patterns, critical infrastructures and social structures are threatened by natural and manmade disasters. Planning for future possible emergencies is essential; their assessment and management equally so. IJEM provides a refereed international forum bringing the latest research to bear on the issues involved, with a focus on contingencies and emergencies as well as crisis and disaster management and planning.

Topics covered include

  • Natural disasters: hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes
  • Industrial hazards: nuclear accidents, etc
  • Transport accidents: road, maritime, air and rail
  • Terror threats and terrorism
  • Disaster medicine and humanitarian issues
  • Contingency management, disaster planning, vulnerability assessment and resilience evaluation
  • Multidisciplinary approaches (e.g. integrated public alert and warning systems)
  • Visualization, simulation, optimization, intelligent agents
  • Emergency preparedness and planning
  • Incident command systems
  • Emergency communications
  • Educational aspects (e.g. exercise-based training)
  • Contingency planning, infrastructure dependence
  • Conflict resolution, evacuation, and logistics
  • Knowledge elicitation, hazard, and threat identification

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