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A Certificate Course on Understanding Disaster Risk and Resilience is going on at State University of Bangladesh (SUB) from January 4, 2019 with 30 participants from public, corporate and development sectors including Armed Forces and Diplomatic Mission. The 36-hour course will end in January 19, 2019.

With Professor Dr. Amir H. Khan, Advisor of the Department of Environmental Science at SUB in the chair and hosted by Dr. Khan Ferdousour Rahman, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Environmental Science at SUB, the course was inaugurated by Professor Maj. Gen. (Retd) Mohammad Quamruzzaman, Registrar of SUB. Mr. Shamsuddin Ahmed, Director, Bangladesh Meteorological Department and Ms. Hasin Jahan, Country Director, Practical Action Bangladesh was present in the opening session as Chief Guest and Special Guest respectively. The program was also addressed by Dr. Mahmudul Islam, Coordinator, Disaster Management, Education, Research and Training Network (DMERT).

Teachers, students, invited guests and other dignitaries were present in the program. SUB organizes the course in association with Practical Action Bangladesh and DMERT. Daily Amader Somoy, The Daily Sun and on-line news portal Andolon71 are the media partners of the training.

A range of emerging issue like hazards, vulnerabilities, disaster response, emergency response, risk identification, recovery, preparedness, risk treatment, prevention and mitigation, early warning, usage of science and technology in disaster management etc were discussed in the course.

I am one of the participants of the program. I think, I am learning various concepts and issues related to disaster and emergency management. There should be more and more program like this in our country. Being a disaster prone country, still we do not know basic things to save our lives and property. NGOs, public and private sector should come forward to make people aware of disaster holding this kind of educating program.