Bachelor’s Program

Disaster Management and Emergency Planning, Coventry University
Coventry University Emergencies and disasters throughout the world – acts of terrorism, violence, public disorder, natural disasters and industrial accidents – are on the rise. So too is the demand for the professionals who can best manage or mitigate their impact, reflected by our 100% graduate employability. Time matters in a crisis. Thorough planning, multi-agency coordination and clear communication can save lives, limit disruption and reduce the long-term economic effects of disasters. This course blends academic study with experiential learning – best practice, real-life case studies, fieldtrips and crises simulations – to equip you with the skills and knowledge to
Disaster & Emergency Management, York University
York University York is the first university in Canada to offer both a bachelor and a master’s degree program in this field. Flooding, terrorism, global warming and hurricanes are all disasters and emergencies that can be effectively managed – and, in some cases even mitigated – through good planning and response. The recent earthquake in Haiti, the H1N1 pandemic and memories of 9/11 are reminders of the pressing need for qualified and trained professionals in the field. Disaster & Emergency Management is the discipline of dealing with and avoiding risks. In this exciting and rapidly expanding field you’ll explore key