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Journal of Remote Sensing & GIS
OMICS International: Remote sensing is the art and science of making measurements of the earth using sensors on airplanes or satellites and geographic information system (GIS) is a computer-based tool for mapping and analyzing feature events on earth. It integrates common database operations, such as query and statistical analysis, with maps. The open access Journal Remote Sensing & GIS is a scientific journal that includes a wide range of fields in its discipline and reports the acquisition of information about an object or phenomenon without making physical contact with the object. It allows to view and analyse multiple layers of spatially related
Remote Sensing of Environment
Remote Sensing of Environment serves the Earth observation community with the publication of results on the theory, science, applications, and technology of remote sensing studies. Thoroughly interdisciplinary, RSE publishes on terrestrial, oceanic and atmospheric sensing. The emphasis of the journal is on biophysical and quantitative approaches to remote sensing at local to global scales. Areas of interest include, but are not necessarily restricted to: Agriculture, forestry and range Biophysical-spectral models Ecology Geography and land information Geology and geoscience Hydrology and water resources Atmospheric science and meteorology Oceanography Natural hazards Image processing and analysis Rensor systems and spectral-radiometric measurements. Types of